This IS Happening

I’m admittedly a little late getting this blog up and running but wanted to make sure plans were finalized before broadcasting to the world.


Those who know me are undoubtedly familiar with my goal to hike the Appalachian Trail (AT). I’ve wanted to make this trek for over ten years, but things kept popping up and held me home. More often than not, I valued things like finishing college, finding a job, finding a better job than the crappy one I just found, getting a new apartment, buying a house, finding a girlfriend, buying investment properties…the list goes on and on, as it often does in our busy lives. I valued “things” more than finding myself, seeking adventure, and experiencing life itself. THINGS always seemed to pull my focus away and persuade me they were “more important.” The clarion call of the trail remained a whisper…but no longer; it’s time to answer.

My start date is set for March 18, 2018. A meager and yet unbearably long 70 more days to wait. I realized the possibility to hike this year back in October, but it only became a true reality five days ago when I made the phone call to “Survivor Dave” and scheduled my shuttle ride to Amicalola Falls and booked my plane ticket. From that moment on, my hike was happening. There is no turning back. This is real.

I’m creating this blog for multiple reasons. Primarily, I wish to use it as a journal to document my hike and reflect on later. A benefit of documenting online is my ability to share the experience with friends and family. It also functions as proof to my support network that I am in fact STILL ALIVE and wasn’t eaten by bears or wild ponies, bitten by a poisonous snake, lost in the wilderness, starving, frozen to death, trapped in the woods with a broken leg, crushed by a fallen tree, or plunged off a cliff.

Prior to my trip, I’m planning to share my prep work, gear list/info, and some basic information about the Appalachian Trail to explain what is all involved in a “Thru-Hike.” After my departure, I’ll document as time (and wifi access) allows. I’d like to be able to share thoughts, photos, and video of the trip with anyone and everyone that is interested. Stay tuned!

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