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My book is out!

My book is live on Amazon for purchase!! Never in my wildest dreams would I have ever thought to become an author but here I am. I hope a few of you will take the time to check this book out and get a taste of what it was like for me while I hiked the Appalachian Trail last year from Georgia to Maine! – Sharing is encouraged/appreciated to spread the word!

My blog only covers approximately the first 80 days of my journey. Dive into this book for much more detail, stories and the full 140 day journey!

Week 12: Days 82-84

Day 82

I’m currently sleeping at the shelter my group intends to walk to tonight, so I’m in no hurry. I slept in until 7:45, which I think is the latest for me on trail. Minisaurous has decided to hike out today as well. I left the shelter around 9 a.m., and it was already over 90 degrees. The temps today are expected to easily push over 100. I walked slower in an attempt to stay cooler and not sweat, but the battle was lost before it even began.

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Week 5: Days 34-38; Erwin, TN, to Damascus, VA

Day 34

It dropped well below freezing overnight, and with our group split in two, neither Achilles nor I was quick to get ready. Despite the cold the morning, it was beautiful and sunny. The terrain has leveled a bit, and we made quick work of our morning walk. I stopped for a quick break on a bench to enjoy this view.

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How I’m Preparing for My Thru-Hike

There is a surprising amount of planning involved when leaving everything behind and living in the woods for months on end. You’re shocked, I know. This could just be my personality and natural tendencies bursting through walls like the Kool-aid man, but believe me when I tell you ANYONE can thru-hike. There are three major areas to prep: gear, physical, mental. Think of them as the Holy Trinity or the Hylian triforce of thru-hiking.  Continue reading How I’m Preparing for My Thru-Hike

What do I Eat?


Cliff bars & SlimJims for snacks!

Food has admittedly been my biggest hurdle when planning my hike. I’m fine with nature, bugs (not spiders), hot, cold, relieving oneself in the woods, walking hundreds of miles–but my worry has long been food. My primary concern is getting sick of things on the trail and then not having enough variety to keep full.  Continue reading What do I Eat?

What’s in My Pack?

Whenever I tell someone I’m planning to hike the Appalachian Trail, one of the most common questions I get asked is, “How do you pack for that?” Below I’m going to share my main pieces of gear. I’ll link to my full gear list along with the weights and prices of each item. Gear is ALWAYS subject to change while hiking, as you’ll find alternatives to different pieces, some items will break or wear out, and some will just be so heavy you’ll leave them in a hiker box to just dump the weight.  Continue reading What’s in My Pack?

About the AT

I have come to find that much of the Midwestern population is unfamiliar with the Appalachian Trail, so I’m going to share a few quick details about the trail to give a better understanding.

The Appalachian Trail (or AT) is a hiking trail spanning 2,190.9 miles (as of 2018) from Georgia to Maine. It begins on top of Springer Mountain winding its way up and down the backbone of the mountain range through 14 states and ending atop Mt. Katahdin.  Continue reading About the AT