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Week 4: Days 26-29; Asheville to Erwin, TN

Day 26

Today was my first day hiking in shorts! It’s weird to think it was freezing here just a few days ago and 12+ inches of snow are about to hit my home back in South Dakota, and now it’s 70 degrees. I will soon regret the heat and miss the cold. 70 for a hiker is equivalent to 100 normally; it’s just way too hot! 40 really is our ideal hiking temp, but alas those days may be lost to us now. My morning walk seemed to drag on forever with mundane ups and downs and little else to look at other than dense forest cliff sides. I did find a side trail with a fire tower which presented a nice view. Every other step was missing, and it was being repainted, making the climb to the lookout level a bit precarious.

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Week 4: Days 22-25; Asheville to Erwin, TN

Day 22

We rose with the sun in typical hiker Austin despite sleeping on the living room floor of Paul’s (Chili Dog) house. We quickly got ready and piled into his wife’s station wagon (one of us is always riding in the trunk) to head off to breakfast. Chili Dog took us to a local sensation called “Biscuit Head,” which serves southern style biscuits and gravy mixed with traditional breakfast items such as eggs and bacon. They have a topping bar for the biscuits that is adorned with 30 or so flavors of butter, jam, jelly, and local honey. It was incredibly busy, and we easily waited behind 50 people in line.

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